Saturday, 22 April 2023

A Hiatus


“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.”
― Kenneth Grahame, Wind in the Willow

A Bit of a Break

The time has come for me to take a bit of a break. I’ve worked diligently, posting weekly for a few years now without fail, even if there have been times I’ve been hard pressed to keep up that pace – I blame laziness on my part when it does happen and nothing else – but I never failed to do so, regardless. I usually endeavour, though, to keep a few posts in the bank, so to speak, to give me time to work on fairly lengthy posts and series, and for those times when life comes calling and circumstances keep me away from my labours.
But alas, this will not be possible for a while: I’m going on holidays, my first lengthy trek since COVID struck and locked us down, my first since I retired. Therefore, I will not be keeping up my record of posting weekly without fail.

Do not despair! There’s many a Greyhawk blog out there for you to keep abreast of while I’m away. Here’s a few:
  • The Sages
    Greyhawkery. I expect you already know all about Mike Bridges’ 1000+ post website.
  • Greyhawk Grognard. Joe Bloch posts to both his blog and his YouTube channel. That ought to occupy your reading a viewing for a time.
  • Greyhawk Stories. Tommy Jon Kelly will keep you entertained with an abundance of fiction, from his pen and others.
  • Aerdi History. Scott McMillan will regale you with esoteric lore, specifically of the Great Kingdom.
  • Domain of Greyhawk. Paul Jurdeczka not only blogs but writes. Check out his gazetteer of Nyrond, among other things.

So, without further ado, I'll catch you on the flip side.
Oh! Where am I going? Turkey. It’s high time I saw Troy, the Ionian coast, the realms of Herodotus, and Çatalhöyük with my own eyes. Bucket list. You understand, I’m sure.

“If a man insisted on always being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it.”
― Herodotus

The Art:


  1. Wow! That's a cool reason for a hiatus. I can't wait to hear all about your trips. Take it easy buddy!

  2. Thank you for all your posts over the recent years and enjoy your vacation. You certainly deserve the break.

  3. Enjoy the trip. I will be eagerly awaiting updates on the flip side.

  4. Thank you so much for your work on this blog. Your scholarship on Greyhawk history is second to none.